Mehtap Bayraktar
Nurgül Keleş Tayşir


Entrepreneurs need to access the necessary capital to turn their project ideas into reality. Crowdfunding is a new alternative financing method that enables entrepreneurs to reach the capital. Crowdfunding helps project owners reach the masses quickly by using internet facilities without using other financing tools. In addition to the crowdfunding platforms operating in Turkey based on rewards and donations in the past, there have been significant developments regarding the Legislation of Share-Based Crowdfunding as of last year, and Share-Based Crowdfunding has been implemented in Turkey. In this study, the types of crowdfunding, crowdfunding practices in the world and Turkey, Share-Based Crowdfunding Legislation in Turkey, and the reasons for the failure of the project owners who failed to reach the desired funding amount are emphasized.


Nasıl Atıf Yapılır
Bayraktar, M., & Tayşir, N. K. (2022). ENTREPRENEURS’ CROWDFUNDING FAILURE EXPERIENCES. Working Paper Series Dergisi, 3(1), 1-17. http://workingpaperseries.ticaret.edu.tr/index.php/wps/article/view/145